“Incredibly impeccable, indellibly intelligent

The evil details in the devil yet they heaven sent

A penny for my thoughts, a nickel for my sentiments

Dirty dime a dozen but a dollar could be better spent…”

What better way to open up an epic track such as this? The culprit, Syler, is a NY based MC who is working on his mixtape One Minute To Midnight’. On this anthemic cut ‘Goin’ Nowhere’, he recruits the lyrical talent of Skyzoo and the angelic vocals of Lydia Caesar to complete the cypher. A can-do mind frame is displayed throughout this hard hitting, ambitious cut courtesy of producer J.Glaze.  This is dopiness from start to finish.

Get with the program.

Regardless of what you do to make a living, hard & smart work are staples that we can’t ignore on the path to success. We’ve all got our reasons for getting out of bed; Syler, the dedicated NYC based emcee/producer and songwriter, manages to find solace in his ability to tell a moving story to fans who appreciate more than just a head-nodding beat and a captivating hook. Together with Lydia Caesar and Brooklyn rapper Skyzoo, “Goin’ Nowhere” is the anthem for everyone who can’t quit the hustle. With it’s powerful and inspiring instrumentals supplied by J. Glaze, the track that will be the backdrop as you put in work. “Goin’ Nowhere” will be featured on Syler’s forthcoming mixtape, One Minute To Midnight.. stay tuned!

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