Its been ten years that the world has been fighting this ‘War On Terror’ (thanks the the United States [sarcasm intentional]), and we’ve witnessed among an insurmountable amount of innocent bystanders, civilians, and soldiers.. the deaths of Saddam Hussein, his sons, and (more recently) Osama Bin Laden.

John Carr, who launched the first installation of LA vs WAR back in ’08, brought a lot of questions to the forefront that many people were too scared to ask. In addition to that, he has brought a ton of artists to participate in this special event by having them showcase their freedom of speech on canvas or anything they can find. During that time, it was about the citizen’s discontentment towards President Bush in the 6-year war that he led the United States in. Then 2009 comes along with our current president, and the saga still continues. The question is now, where is the peace movement? Is the world a much safer place to live? Where does the United States stand as a nation? Did we lose our way?

This special event will be taking place on the weekend of the ten year anniversary of the attacks in New York. There will be flyers posted all over the city, so be ready for the takeover on that weekend. Be sure you know where to be at then.

LA vs WAR: website | facebook | twitter


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