Multi-talented NY artist Red Velvet Papi releases the self-produced “Give Us A Try” single taken from his new album titled ‘I Love You So Much…Sometimes It Hurts.’

Red Velvet Papi says this about the new album, “I was really pulling from every experience I’ve had with love in my life trying to encapsulate how awesome and awful, the feeling of love can be in all its different stages. It’s really an ode to everyone I’ve ever loved, even if it was just for a moment, or if they’d never known it, all of it brought this to life.”

The emerging rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer entices with blends of harmonies and light rapping over smooth basslines and elaborate drum loops in “Give Us A Try.”

Red Velvet Papi notices a woman across the room and through sharp storytelling begins a conversation. The back and forth is nostalgic of Positive K’s “I Got A Man” but focuses more on him letting this woman know how he’s built differently and comes from a different cloth. Despite her assumption of just wanting to get into her pants, Red Velvet Papi ultimately just wants to show her what he’s all about so they can get to know each other. His charismatic manner and genuine interest are hard to resist.

Red Velvet Papi wears his heart on his sleeve which adds a refreshing pleasantry. The weaving of rhymes and harmonies from him is accentuated by new-age R&B arrangements. Red Velvet Papi delivers stand-out Quotables that resonate throughout the record as does the kaleidoscope of jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop vibes. Stream “Give Us A Try” and connect below.

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