Small Professor has worked up some more concoctions for his new beat tape. Thirteen tracks deep, it’s neither unlucky or small as Mixed Jawns is potion for your yawns. The beatsmith gives us that sample-based goodness, crafted from the offerings of the great jazz, soul and funk records, retaining the authentic groove but reinterpreted with that contemporary sound. Definitely made for breaking necks, it’s truly a work of art, very fresh indeed and I’m glad to see SmallPro back with his first project of 2013 after a small hiatus. Small Professor, PhD in beats no doubt! Purchase after the jump.

Small Professor’s first release after a busy 2012 is a collection of instrumentals from released-in-2012 rap joints and vintage, not-heard-until now productions (hence the title). Eschewing a cohesive vibe in favor of a very random and diverse one, all the different sounds and flavors somehow come together a potent mix…from the folksy guitars of “Apple pie” to the Vince Garaldi ode “Charlie brown”, there’s something for everyone. As an added bonus, all the song titles double as drink names..apparently .”James brown” is titled as such because it makes you feel good…just like “Mixed Jawns” does. That last line might have been corny, but “Mixed Jawns” is not. Ok, sorry, that’s enough.

[wpsharely]Purchase Mixed Jawns: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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