Some more heat from Charmingly Ghetto, one of the dopest MCs out of Boston right now. On Got To Get Away, he goes on a real conscious venture, detailing some of the struggles and how it effects him. Joining CG on the vocals is Katrina Renee, who is perhaps a less well known name on Word Is Bond but her voice is definitely one that makes you perk up and listen.

This sombre joint is produced by ATG, and is the latest single from the collaborative album between himself and Charmingly Ghetto called Of The Meaning Of Progress, set to drop Tuesday next week.

Despite what his irreverent stage name may suggest,Charmingly Ghetto isn’t so attached to the ‘hood that he refuses to leave. On the contrary, he knows that pursuing one’s dreams often means leaving familiar surroundings far behind. The latest single off the Boston representative’s mixtape follows the artist as he strives to rise above his struggle-ridden circumstances and lay the groundwork for a brighter day, without compromising the artistic vision that inspired him to start spitting. Joining Ghetto over ATG‘s dreamy, keyboard-driven production, singer Katrina Renee ties the record together with her airy chorus vocals. 

[wpsharely]Download ‘Got To Get Away’: Soundcloud[/wpsharely]

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