Signif‘s new LP Friction came like a thief in the night as I have been patiently waiting for this for quite some time now.  The Radio Raheem-laced single Late Night Jazz, which dropped mid last year, is still fresh in my mind and peeping the entire body of work shows the incredible amount of dedication Signif put into this. She holds her own effortlessly throughout the entire 13 track project, weaving several topical issues together while keeping the lyrical blade as sharp as ever.

She definitely brings her A-game to this project, and the producers she employs build a solid sonic foundation that helps draw the listener into her world. So many gems to choose from.

Go out and support the young lady. COP IT!!!

Milwaukee-bred, NYC-based emcee Signif presents Friction, her new album featuring Elzhi, Sadat X, Aldrick, Genesis Renji and Emmy Wildwood as well as production from Skeff Anselm, DJ Puerto Roc, Fate, Radio Raheim and Moteleola. “Friction is about the conflicts people face, or have faced when dealing with life on a day to day,” says Signif. “I played off the ‘Friction’ title, because even though I live and practice a peaceful way of living and thinking, I’m still faced with a good amount of opposition, so I wanted to address some of those situations. The inspiration behind the album was to share some of my views that may have been misconstrued from previous works, also to keep the listeners engaged on my different perspective to certain social issues, and to have fun of course.” Friction is out now on Intelligent Dummies, and available on Signif’s Bandcamp.

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