Prolific rap/producer duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme return with their brand new video for the song titled ‘Take It Back” which sees them ready to take back the culture they so love. Over a barebones punchy soundscape made up of melodic vocal hums and classic rap samples from Rakim et al, Shaheed pays homage to the pioneers who laid the foundation that they stand on.

The song is accompanied by a video shot and edited by Richard Giles who takes Shaheed and DJ Supreme to an appropriate temple to recite their rap incantations: Seasick Records in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. As the duo drops line after line over the hard-hitting beat to praise their craft, we discover rap’s saintly fraternity plastered over the walls of the humble record shop. The K.R.U. crew ravenously digs through the stacks of vinyl with the focus and ebullience of newcomers, displaying that the game’s founding fathers will never fail to provide an endless stream of wisdom and inspiration. You’re never too experienced to “Take it Back” and appreciate what got you where you are.

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