West London based emerging singer Safiyyah makes her debut on TWIB with this reflective piece titled “Mornings.” Over a smooth, dreamy soundscape, the soft-voiced singer delivers a heartfelt and alluring performance that truly displays her unique and eclectic style. Fusing neo-soul, hip-hop, and experimental elements, Safiyyah sure stands out on this one as she details the beauty of waking up in the morning with a special person. She runs the gamut of emotions from the little things such as having breakfast together to just enjoying each other’s company. This is something everyone can relate to and the track sure exudes a soothing vibe that we all need in these crazy times. The track also features artist Finn Foxell who adds his own thoughts with an introspective verse.

Safiyyah is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter born and raised in West London from Portuguese and Moroccan descent. Her next live performance will be at the ‘GRL GNG’ event at Boxpark in Shoreditch on the 15th of April.

Get it on all DSPs here.

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