LATASHA (Latasha Alcindor) is a name many should be familiar with if you’re paying attention to the indie hip-hop circuit. A truly talented act who fuses her love for hip-hop with experimental and expressive elements to match her unique style. In her new song  “Who I Am” she asks the cogent question and proceeds to answer it the best way she can, which is by showing the listener her true unfiltered essence. Backed by the vibrant, frenzied production by Sugaroo Records’ multi-instrumentalist Jim Bianco, LATASHA reaffirms herself in the best possible manner by telling her story instead of letting others do it for her. She lets the listener know what she stands for and regardless of her failures, she will not be deterred from achieving her dreams.

The visual shot by her production team Lytehaus Media is pretty eclectic and colorful. Inspired by the cinema of Wes Anderson and Ari Aster films, the crew help thrust LATASHA into the spotlight as she embodies her true spirit and like a phoenix, she is reborn with a fiery passionate glow.

Get the audio on Deezer, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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