Ryan Mills Presents, “Keep It 100 / Keep It a Hundred” featuring Jackson Whalan ,LMNOREKS, Dj Slipwax, and 1st Official. The posse cut is ripe with a punchy horn-laden soundscape and urgent drums that blend with the rapper’s vivid lyricism filled with bravado and the mantra of keeping it a hundred and their integrity intact. LMNO and REKS showcase their depth of artistry with their OG status and mature focus to push forward the theme. Complementing them is the youthful consciousness of Jackson Whalan who adds a nuanced element to the track. DJ Slipwax is also on deck with the 1s and 2s.

After consulting with independent artists in various genres for over a decade, Ryan G. Mills found his passion in creating music that deepens community connection by partnering exceptional talent. Strategically selecting emerging and seasoned talent and producers for innovative collaboration, Ryan Mills Presents showcases works of nationally and internationally recognized artists unified around select producers in Ryan Mills’s unique vision.


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