Japanese Hip Hop producers Nomak recently released his latest album: Dynamic Meditation Instrumental Limited.  Since his first release in 2005 (Combine) has released several albums, with some being remix albums and some being compilation mixes.  Known for his use of a wide range on instruments this album is no different.
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Next Dimension

Its always great to see a new work by Nomak, he has released several great albums and this is no different.  Tracks like the up beat ‘Soarer’ and ‘Next Dimension’ display Nomak’s progression with his music over the years.  There is, honestly not one bad track on this album, but none truly amazing either, thats not to say there isnt any great tracks but compared to his other albums which featured tracks like the great Anger of the Earth, Sanctuary and Moon Flow this album lacks a tracks of this type.  The whole album is a easy listen with only one track that i find annoying with that being the overly repetitive ‘Open Out’.

Never Lose Control

Songs like  the great jazzy ‘Feel It All’ and ‘Never Lost Control’ keep the listener entertained as the tracks switch up their sound and elevate into something new.  The last three tracks end the album on a high with ‘The Universe’ featuring a wide range of instruments from what sounds like bagpipes, a tambourine and a piano.  ‘Fluffy Cloud’ is a Broken Beat sounding like a mellowed out great song.  The album finishes on one of my favourite tracks ‘Heartful Memories’, to me this song sums up what Nomak is really about.

Heartful Memories

All in all “Dynamic Meditation” is a must have for all Nomak fans and is a welcome return to music for Nomak.  Since he started making music he has always been known by some as the ‘Lil Nujabes’ but Nomak is much more then that, he has his own sound and style.  It would have been nice to have some rappers feature over these, but judging by the title of the album i expect there will be a full release featuring other artists & maybe some lyrics in the mix.Watch this space.


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