So after a day or 2 of no Blog Updates, we come back with a HUGE one. Something we are all really excited about.

Starting this month, we are introducing a new category “The Underground Chronicles Of…”

So…let me explain what this is all about…

Every month we are bringing a new artist on board as a guest writer, and for the duration of that month he/she will be sharing their personal experiences with you and tell you about the ups and downs in the life of an underground artist, first hand, like a window in to the life of an artist or a personal diary.

This category will be updated every week.

The first artist to feature & the artist of the month is the good brother Praverb, he was the one that had the original idea that sparked all kinds of thoughts in our minds. So major props to him for the idea & initiative. The name of this month’s episode will be “The Underground Chronicles Of H.W”

In the following months we will try and pull artists from the full spectrum of Hiphop, Mc.’s, writers, producers etc…to keep things interesting, I am in the process of contacting people about this, so anything it’s possible.

If you have any suggestions on artists you would like featured, please let us know. Would be highly appreciated.

Or if you are an artists and would like to be featured feel free to contact us.

Please drop us a comment with your thoughts on this new initiative.

First post will be up this friday so be on the look out.



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