Emcee Regi Angelou leads the charge on her politically-charged single “We, The People.” The record speaks volumes with the way Angelou approaches it with passion and controlled rage towards the system that seeks to put down people of color.

From the smooth, somewhat solemn backdrop and vivid lyrics that detail the way the oppressive system works, Angelou doesn’t hold back her frustrations and anger. She bares her fangs with lines like “I want it now, ‘cause it’s overdue, Snap-on these actors who sold out the culture/ I need reparations from you and all you Muh’fuckas” and even throws a jab at detractors with “How much you made off our blood you been sucking?, If you ain’t bout it then don’t interrupt us”

The video plays out like a mini-movie showing how Angelou plans to take on the structure brick by brick. Thanks to the director Riley S. Wilson who helps bring the message to life with an accurate depiction. It shows different views with Angelou playing 5 distinct characters; a grandmother, a soldier, a construction worker, a business executive, and a mother of the movement. Each one playing their part in strengthening the movement against the oppressors.

Riley S. Wilson is the creator of Little Apple Series and winner of the 2019 American Black Film Festival award for Best Web Series.

Read the lyrics to “We, The People” here.

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