Futuristic retro jazz quartet who goes by the moniker We the People make their entry on TWIB with two records that really showcases their unique style of music that fuses soul, jazz, and live instrumentation.

The first record is “Enough,” an anthemic piece that is rife with lush keys that slowly progresses with the 4 to the floor drums and warm textures. The track dives into being positive regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. It’s quite uplifting and touching as well. The way the track moves into different musical directions is awesome and unexpected and goes from sparse keys to house music to improve jazz. There is just so much to unpack from the progression and more importantly the timely message of keeping the faith always.

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The second record titled “The Truth” lies in the jazz/hip-hop realm with its lush keys, head-nodding drums, and a solid rap verse that pays homage to the lady that caught the rapper’s eye The chorus is soothing and reflective as well and helps tie the theme together with its adulation filled lyrics.

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