Toronto-based rapper RageMD just released his new project entitled  Be Right There, which is a 4 track body of work that sees him embodying the spirit of fatherhood and all the ups and downs that come with it. The production is quite upbeat, cinematic and soulful for RageMD’s heartfelt lyrics and engaging storytelling that reflects his thoughts on the issue of fatherhood, raising a child and being a good husband.


The first track “Vitruvian Man” employs a rich vocal sample layered over a punchy drum groove that blends seamlessly while RageMD takes listeners through the growing pains and daily grind of a young black man trying to find his true calling in this game of life. His lyrics are quite descriptive and unapologetically reflective as he pours it all on wax with lines like “Passing on my genes and the flaws in my pocket/We should keep the change hidden, made a simple back deposit/little eyes watching me, make a man second guess/ can’t knock the hustle, gotta put up numbers like success”. He ends it with a message of hope, reminding us that all he has to do is make it happen regardless of what it takes.


“You Don’t Know” is an insightful piece that explores the concept of going into the unpredictable concrete jungle and the responsibilities bestowed upon him as a young father who is still learning on the job. The track sees him employing a melodic chorus before penning a heartfelt open letter to his newborn child advising him as follows “Listen listen up buddy let your pops confess/The world got ways to put you through the test/Through the hustle and grind, let the song be your shield/as you running through life, cross every field”. The title track “Be Right There” is bolstered by the assuring message of a father to his offspring. Here, he details the birth of his child and the many experiences they would have together in due time. The production has a moody feel and punchy drums while RageMD’s vivid storytelling puts listeners in the front seat.


“I am” is the final track which sums it up with its pop-infused production made up of rich guitar riffs and warm pads underpinned by dancehall-infused drum grooves and rich brass stabs. Here, RageMD continues his adulation-filled songwriting as he crafts the perfect theme music for his child. From the outside looking in, one can tell the rapper has a true appreciation for his new role as a parent and he acknowledges that he is not perfect but he is willing to go the extra mile to give his child the best life he can get.



Stream Be Right There on major DSPs here.


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