The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Skevious Tips – “Wave”


Skevious Tips delivers “Wave” a moody and somewhat reflective track. He makes use of a variety of styles here and shares some of his life stories for us to see what makes him tick.
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O.D.D.I.T.Y.- “The Cycle” (feat. Keiana Whatley)

O.D.D.I.T.Y. shows us the dynamics involved in  “The Cycle.” Over a soulful and somber backdrop, he details the bad and ugly truth of being stuck in a life where nothing is given. Joining him is singer Keiana Whatley who adds a melodic run to tie it all together.


Adro – “How You Kno”


Emerging Memphis act Adro shares his new release “How You Kno” produced by fellow Memphis native JZRL. Ove the smooth soulful backdrop, we get to hear Adro’s reflective lyrics and impassioned flow. “How You Kno” is the single from Adro’s EP F.M.H.
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AERO BLUE – “Heir”


AERO BLUE is an emerging rapper who makes his way on our list with his new release “Heir.” The track has a solemn and nostalgic vibe with its soothing textures and warm vibes which fits the rapper’s impassioned performance and descriptive lyrics about life in general.


Dei.3avu – “Public Service Announcement”


Dei.3avu ‘s “Public Service Announcement” is a brooding and insightful record that dives into real-time issues affecting everyone across the globe. Over a dark cinematic texture, Dei.3avu delivers an ear-grabbing performance ripe with gems for us to grow on.
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JBlade x KXNG Crooked x Constatine – “Breathe”


JBlade, Kxng Crooked, and Constantine team up for this heartfelt track titled “Breathe” over a bouncy lush backdrop, the emcees dive into the life journey as an artist where things are not so set in stone and implores listeners to take chances and opportunities as they come.
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STN-_- x Uncle See’J – “Harriet”



Producer STN-_- and emcee Uncle See’J team up for this soulful and insightful track titled “Harriet” bolstered by a smooth texture that also exudes a nostalgic aura, Uncle See’J uses the concept of money tied into social consciousness in his own unique way. The title is a reference to Harriet Tubman.
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Grandmaster Dojo – “9-5 ” (feat. Jabbathakut)


Gothenburg, Sweden-based rapper Grandmaster Dojo shares his candid thoughts on his new single “9-5 ” backed by an anthemic beat courtesy of Dseize, Grandmaster Dojo delivers an impassioned and thought-provoking performance while Jabbathakut cuts up a solid hook on the wheels of steel.
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Eli White – “Streetz”


Eli White‘s “Streetz” is a vivid account of the inner workings of the streets. Over a classic jazz-infused boom-bap backdrop, White takes the listener on an epic ride through the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
“Streetz” is taken from his debut mixtape Our Fall.
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Absyte – “Make Me Feel” – JA-B & Chris Marcel Mix”


Absyte delivers a mix of soul/rap on “Make Me Feel” a heartfelt jazzy track that dives into love and the dynamics that happen when 2 kindred souls connect.
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RageMD – “Nobody”


RageMD comes through this week’s list with the heartfelt single “Nobody” where he takes time to reflect on his journey as an artist. he mixes fiery rap verses with some memorable melodic runs. Well-crafted and smooth.
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Brad Varsity x Futuristic – “KUZCO”


Brad Varsity links up with Futuristic for this anthemic and inspirational joint titled “KUZCO” the track is boosted by an upbeat trap backdrop that sets the stage for the duo’s fiery performance laced with insightful gems and energetic wordplay.
Listen to “KUZCO” here.



Ruff Child – “Wake & Bake”


London, UK emcee Ruff Child shares a tribute to 4/20 with this smooth bouncy jam “Wake & Bake.” He sure flips that Aretha franklin in a very unique manner.



HarveyDent – “The Anthem”


HarveyDent shares their second single “The Anthem” as they prepare to drop their self-titled EP. The track produced by Young Swisher is a hard-hitting bravado-laden record that showcases pure lyricism on wax.
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Dirtyshoes & Masethemessiah – “LA Bound”


Bay Area emcees Dirtyshoes and Masethemessiah go to the city of angels on their new song “LA Bound.” Backed by a soulful backdrop courtesy of Dame, the duo give us their personal experiences on wax.



G.Loon – “Outta Kontrol”


Emerging emcee G.Loon shares his thoughts and then some on his new track “Outta Kontrol.” The beat has a somber and reflective vibe and his slow flow works well.
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Sirop x Aaron Cohen – “Bad Things”


Producer and beatmaker Sirop links up with Aaron Cohen for this somber, heartfelt track titled “Bad Things.” The track has a trippy and gloomy vibe that serves as the perfect backdrop for Cohen’s melodic drawl and evocative lyrics about self-expression and true freedom sans restrictions. The visual follows 2 lovers on a ride to nowhere and the euphoria they both feel as time elapses.



The Brooklyn Globetrotter – “I AM Black American”


The Brooklyn Globetrotter opens up about the struggles of being black in the USA on his new anthemic single titled “I AM Black American.” Backed by a punchy and soulful production, he runs down the history of black Americans to refresher our minds on the rich culture and deep roots of our ancestors. “I AM Black American” is the lead single and title track from his forthcoming EP.
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Dazy Chain – “Level up”


Dazy Chain raises the ante with the vibrant single “Level up” where he makes use of an energetic backdrop to implore listeners to stay motivated and chase their dreams and perish the thoughts of settling for less.
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M Doc Diego & ManZu BeatZ – “Tango -N- Cash” (ft. Crotona P)


Rochester, NY emcee M Doc Diego, and Italian production crew ManZu BeatZ team up for this dusty piano-laden collabo titled “Tango -N- Cash.” The bravado-driven track sees the emcee and Crotona P lace hard-hitting verses without breaking a sweat. The video was handled by Cartel Films, who help capture the raw energy of Diego and P spitting in what looks like the graph-covered train yards of the South Bronx from the dawn of hip-hop.
With this single is the announcement of the release of Universal Tongues Vol 2 for April 23rd.

TaReef KnockOut – “Small Town”


“Small Town” is a heartfelt love tale by rising FL rapper TaReef KnockOut. Bolstered by Kenneth English’s smooth and lush backdrop, he details a sad tale of the one who got away. It’s quite relatable and nostalgic too. He is presently working on his forthcoming EP.


Abstract Ninjaa – “Crash and Burn”


Sacramento emcee Abstract Ninjaa makes his entry on our list with this smooth head-nodding jam titled “Crash And Burn”, the first single off his upcoming album Club 27. Produced by iMAGiNARY OTHER. The laidback track sees Ninjaa in his element as he shows off his unique flow and evocative lyrics about boy meets girl.
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Dax – “WHOOPTY” Remix”


Dax displays his lyrical dexterity and fiery delivery in his take of “WHOOPTY” Remix” Over the boomy cinematic backdrop, he switches his flow from mellow to energetic with wordplay and a plethora of vivid lines that would put a smirk on the face.
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Gold China – “Izo”


Emerging rapper Gold China closes up the list with her defiant demeanor on the booming track titled “Izo.” Over the punchy trap backdrop, she lays down the law and sends darts to the haters and perpetrators.

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