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AY Wing “Angel Blue”


AY Wing taps into the somber summer vibe on “Angel Blue.” A track built on lush guitars, smooth soulful textures, and a warm bass-laden drum groove. It’s quite alluring and works perfectly on your study playlist.
The song is inspired by the idea of harvest and withdrawal. During this time, we might feel more introverted, emotional, inward-facing and introspective. It also represents the PMS phase in which women may feel lower in energy and calmer since it’s a natural winding-down time in the cycle. Get it on  DeezerYouTubeApple MusicSoundCloud



WEEZY PACINO – “Dis for My N****s”

Richmond, VA-based WEEZY PACINO pays homage to his friends on the heartfelt “Dis for My N****s.” Over a cinematic and somber backdrop, PACINO reflects on his loved ones who have passed away. From the street life and hustle, he acknowledges that things are not so rosy and life is far from being a walk in the park.

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Tension – “I Hate You”

Emerging rapper Tension shares a heartfelt and reflective single/video titled  “I Hate You.” Over a somber backdrop provided by InsaneBeatz, Tension dives into the tale of addiction, depression, and loneliness. The visuals are directed by Jimbo Gower of  Goham Films who brings the tale to life with excellent storyboarding with solid actors who play their part well.

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Ocho Worldwide – “XL and Fatigues”

Emerging rapper Ocho Worldwide caught our ears with his lead single “XL and Fatigues” which sees him sharing his journey thus far. Over a moody, drumless backdrop, he delivers a passionate performance riddled with bravado and insightful lyrics that peak into his life story. The song is taken from his new project called 8 Ways to Skin a Cat (executive produced by WifiGawd).


EndorfinBeats & A7MC – “Uh Huh”

EndorfinBeats & A7MC are back in the field with something refreshing. Their new single titled “Uh Huh” is a bravado-laden piece that displays unbridled lyricism from A7MC who makes mince meat out of the choppy punchy backdrop provided by EndorfinBeats.

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Prototype & Lazarus The Kid x The Game – “Lazarus”

Rapper/producer duo Prototype and Lazarus The Kid team up with The Game on the heartfelt track “Lazarus.” Over a soothing production, the rappers share their respective inner troubles and then some.

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RageMD x SaDiCi x Eliza Pope – “Bliss”


Canadian rapper RageMD , producer SaDiCi team up with singer Eliza Pope -for this heartfelt pop-infused track titled “Bliss.” The track has a mellow reflective aesthetic with its lush somber keys and strings that blend well with RageMD’s insightful and introspective lyrics that tug at the heart. Eliza Pope ties it up with a sultry and soulful melodic hook as well.
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Emerging NJ rapper Reg Mason shares this new single “BABE, I THINK IT’S TIME” that reflects on lost love and regrets it all. Over a soulful backdrop, he draws listeners deep into his world where he started off by juggling women but later came to the realization that he did some of them wrong by his decisions. The track is also a form of apology.
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Inf x Guilty Simpson x Kuf Knotz – “Gotta Go” (feat. Christine Elise & Tomas Delfgaauw)


Utrecht-based platinum producer Inf shares a new single “Gotta Go” with veteran rapper, Guilty Simpson, and is joined by rapper Kuf Knotz and singer Christine Elise from Philadelphia.
The track has a boom-bap drum groove laced with smooth basslines, lush organs keys that blends with both rappers’ evocative lyrics, and a smooth melodic chorus from Christine Elise. There is also a sax solo from Tomas Delfgaauw
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VENMC x Ali Saeed x Founding Farther – “T0xic”


VENMC teams up with Ali Saeed and Founding Farther for “T0xic.” An upbeat grazing track that explores the rise of performative activism and lack of integrity especially from the social media space. From the numerous virtue-signaling activities to photo-ops, VENMC decries such and points them out on their BS by saying they should get in the field as opposed to using hashtags.

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Alphabet Rockers – “Shine (Melanin)”


Oakland-based hip-hop group Alphabet Rockers share “Shine (Melanin)” the track is an upbeat uplifting track that celebrates black excellence and more. Over a bouncy and somewhat sparse backdrop, the all-female group delivers an impressive performance laced with insightful and motivational lyrics that everyone can relate to.





Donnie Freeman x Spaceman Dela – “Questions”


Instrumentalist/producer Donnie Freeman teams up with rapper Spaceman Dela for a new single titled “Questions.” Over a smooth warm jazz-infused boom-bap drum groove, the rapper reflects on love and the dynamics that come along with it.

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Lady J Musiq – “In My Feelings”


Straight out from Uptown, Dykman NY comes emerging rapper Lady J Musiq who delivers a solid single titled “In My Feelings.” The track has a booming and sparse drum groove laced with violins and sultry aesthetics to match Lady J Musiq’s evocative lyrics that shows that she knows what she wants from her man and also divulges what she brings to the table. “In My Feelings” is her 3rd single.

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Showtime Ramon – “Liquid Raps”


Sacramento-based rapper Showtime Ramon comes through with the visuals for his song “Liquid Raps.” Backed by a cinematic backdrop provided by Zero610Beats, Ramon delivers a fiery off-the-cuff performance with his smooth flow. The beat samples the music from Street Fighter 2 character selection screen in a clever manner and you would only hear it if you listen very closely. The video is directed by brothaanthony2 captures the raw energy Showtime Ramon displays on the track. Showtime Ramon is also a big fan of the Street Fighter franchise and has Zangief tattooed on his arm.
Available on all DSPs here.




J Nolan – “Splash”


J Nolan‘s “Splash” is a vibrant bouncy summer jam that is ripe with vivid lyrical stylings and a catchy chorus to match. The record is produced by DopeNorTeria.
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Trav B Ryan – “Save Me”


Trav B Ryan‘s “Save Me” is a heartfelt and reflective track that dives into self-doubt, loneliness, and mental health. Backed by a somber piano arrangement and sparse drums, he shares the troubles of an individual going through a gripping emotional turmoil. The track is bolstered by a resounding heartwarming melodic performance by an unknown vocalist.





Elzee – “Gotta Keep Working”


Elzee shares a what-if tale on his new release titled “Gotta Keep Working” where he reflects on reality and the dynamics of jumping through hurdles and obstacles. Armed with a passionate delivery and graphic lyrical imagery, he takes listeners deep into his dark world. The chorus was crafted by Bello.





E.Cole I – “Breakthrough”


E.Cole I‘s newest release “Breakthrough” is a sobering tale of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. The rapper makes use of a crunchy cinematic backdrop as his canvas and paints a vivid picture of an individual going through the cycle of adulthood and the variables that come with it.

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James Blake – “Life Is Not The Same”


Mercury Music Prize and GRAMMY Award-winning UK singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer James Blake teamed up with producer duo Take A Daytrip, for his new single “Life Is Not The Same”. The track is a laidback somber record that explores vulnerability and love from a different perspective. From the sparse drum grooves, airy textures, and of course Blake’s off-kilter melodic runs. “Life Is Not The Same” is the second track to be lifted from James’ forthcoming fifth studio album, Friends That Break Your Heart (out 10th September 2021).

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REDEYEBLUE (Boogie Bang and e.kwality ) share a new single “Fusel.” A hard-hitting track that exudes a nostalgic vibe with its piano riffs, punchy drums, and Boogie Bang’s evocative lyrics. The chorus is solid too and made up of various scratched vocal samples from legendary rappers like Common, AZ, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

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KDA x Tinashe x Ms Banks x Karnage Kills – “DIE A LITTLE BIT”


“Die A Little Bit” is a super genre-bending track that sees KDA teaming up with Tinashe, Ms. Banks, and Karnage Kills. Over a warm and engulfing texture laced with bouncy drum grooves, the artists come through with their distinct flows and style.
“Die A Little Bit” is the lead single from KDA’s forthcoming KDA Live Club Show EP and sets the tone for what is to follow.
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MoThoro – “Body Language”

Emerging rapper MoThoro details a tale of blossoming love on his new release titled “Body Language.” Over a moody and sublime backdrop, he delivers a passionate and reflective performance as he runs through the dynamics of building a proper relationship.

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