The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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S.D Flame – “Jeans & Jordans”


Mississauga Ontario-based rapper S.D Flame comes through with “Jeans & Jordans” a soulful and reflective track ripe with nostalgic vibes and evocative lyrics.

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K.I.T.B – “Cartel”


K.I.T.B  makes his entry on our list with “Cartel,” a piano-driven track that is ripe with vivid lyricism and an animated flow.

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Remmoi Dollaz – “G.H.a.n.D.I”

Indie rapper Remmoi Dollaz delivers a plethora of hard-hitting bars on his new release titled “G.H.a.n.D.I.” Over a vocal and horn-driven backdrop, he proceeds to wreak the mic while paying homage to his true peeps on the streets and individuals who are working on making themselves better



IAMMAG – “More”


IAMMAG‘s “More” is a heartfelt and reflective piece that sees him running through several situations he had faced in the past. From betrayal of friendship, trust, and love, IAMMAG pours his all and reminds us of all the people who demand more from him even after he gave them his all.

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GUD CYRUS – “Gone for a Minute”


Indie singer/songwriter GUD CYRUS caught our ears with “Gone for a Minute.” A mellow melodic ballad that explores the love between 2 individuals who shouldn’t be together. The production is moody and atmospheric and GUD’s airy vocals do sound superb and hypnotic as he draws listeners in with ease.

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MylesTales x Dtm716 x maryjoy – “Say Yes”


MylesTales , Dtm716, and Maryjoy team up for this r&b infused record titled “Say Yes” The production is solemn and soulful and the lyrics are somewhat relatable.

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KENITH‘s new release “GIFTED” sees him dropping bars over the instrumental of “Home Seek Home” by Damu the Fudgemunk. KENITH sure brings something refreshing with his stylish flow and cadences. It’s quite engaging and well crafted.



Shayne Sanders x Abby Sanders – “Fly”


“Fly” is the newest release from rapper/singer duo Shayne Sanders and Abby Sanders. Bolstered by a dark cinematic texture and solemn piano riff, the artist pours their hearts out and implore us that they are not giving up or backing up from the challenge and hurdles life could place in their way.

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Huc. Finn – “BadGuy”


Huc. Finn takes inspiration from Marvel/DC characters in his new single “BadGuy.” He makes use of a dark and ominous backdrop to paint vivid pictures of a mix of heroics and villainous endeavors in his own twisted way.

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God Music – “Cold Outside – Radio Edit”


God Music makes his entry on our site with this heartfelt and uplifting track titled “Cold Outside ” Armed with a commanding vocal tone and evocative lyrics, God Music delivers soul-lifting rhymes coupled with the melodious and angelic chorus. Overall, the track implores us to keep the faith and stay strong especially in these hard times.



Brandon Kai – “Too Many”


Brandon Kai blends a mix of honesty and bravado in his new single “Too Many.” The production is bouncy and somewhat memorable and works with Kai’s fiery flow and melodic stylings.

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CHAD! – “In Your Eyes”


Up and coming singer CHAD! pours his heart out in his new single “In Your Eyes.” A mellow solemn track that details how a seemingly perfect relationship can change in due time when feelings change.

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Bryson Williams – “Ignxrance”


Indie rapper Bryson Williams is back with a new single “Ignxrance” a jazz-infused track ripe with soulful and sublime textures and soft drums which blend with Williams’ laidback flow and off-kilter bravado-laden lyrics.

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RageMD x SaDiCi – “Call Me”


Emcee RageMD teams up with singer SaDiCi for this heartfelt RnB-infused collaboration titled “Call Me.” Over a smooth soulful backdrop, RageMD reflects on love, indecision, and the swirling emotions that come with taking the first step in love.
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Behawk – “Dämonen”


German alternative hiphop group Behawk make their entry on our site with their new single “Dämonen.” Backed by the rock guitars, sparse and punchy drums, and solemn textures, the emcees dive into the dynamics of love and its effects on our emotions.
“Dämonen” means demon in English and is the 5th track from the album Schattenseite.

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Mac Vill – “Portside”


Mac Vill delivers a vivid and evocative track titled “Portside.” Backed by the soulful and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, Vill proceeds to take us deep into his life as an artist and all the things that come with the lifestyle.

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merry choppins – “ib2up” (feat. Tim Gent)


Merry Choppins and Tim Gent team up for “ib2up” an experimental track that strays from the norm. From the edgy soundscapes, rousing drums, and vibrant vocal performance from Tim Gent. The production is dynamic and has quite a number of switch-ups and changes as it progresses.

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Trece Vee – “Doves”


Trece Vee makes his entry on our site with “Doves” a chilled and summer-tinged track that sees him exploring blossoming love and the emotions that come with it. Trece Vee delivers an honest and adulation filled performance that

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Paavo x Chef Mike – “Degrees”


Paavo and producer Chef Mike team up for “Degrees” a moody and dark collaboration that showcases Paavo’s unfiltered lyrical styling and commanding cadence. Paavo takes no prisoners with his no-nonsense style as he delivers a spine-chilling performance that keeps listeners locked in.

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Taiyamo Denku x Craig G – “Welcome To Terror”


Taiyamo Denku and legendary Queens emcee Craig G team up for “Welcome To Terror,” a bar-heavy jam that showcases pure unadulterated lyricism from the emcees.

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888moment & Gusto Mane x Moss Head – “End Game”


“End Game” is an interesting collaboration by 888moment & Gusto Mane and Moss Head. The track has a dark and cinematic vibe and the lyrics are quite insightful as well



Johnny Santos – “Simple Things”


Johnny Santos wraps it up with “Simple Things” a soulful and reflective track that explores his life and journey to the apex. Backed by a soulful guitar line, soft drums grooves, and warm textures. The chorus is quite sublime too and the lyrics are evocative.

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