Brooklyn native Radamiz delivers the visual for his recently released single “V.I.M”. The title which he says represents where he is from. “When you’re in these neighborhoods, V.I.M. is one of those stores that everybody knows growing up,” Radamiz says. “I feel like we use it (V.I.M) as a metaphor for our surroundings.”

Through the genius direction of Zachariah Smith, the music video pays homage to Radamiz’s upbringing in Bed-Stuy. The visual finds Rad and crew hanging out in different spots of New York City, following them under subway tracks, to a rooftop overlooking the city and on the steps of a Harlem park. Listen to V.I.M. here


Raised by Dominican-immigrant parents in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn’s Sumner Projects complex, 25-year-old MC Radamiz’s story is unlike a story told before. Being influenced to start rapping at the age of 12 outside of his first job packing groceries outside of a local supermarket, Jadakiss, Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Eminem helped shape the young MC’s idea of what a great lyricist was supposed to sound like.


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