The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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B.Smooth – “Boss Moves (Radio)”

B.Smooth opens up the list with this anthemic tune titled “Boss Moves (Radio).” The track is a deep dive into the mind of a go-getter who makes decisive moves in order to be successful in this unpredictable industry.



JrocVA – “Cold Outside”

JrocVA‘s “Cold Outside” is a deep dive into real-time issues from betrayal, depression to lack of financial freedom, and then some. JrocVA delivers a solid performance with a versatile flair that blends melodies with insightful rap verses.


RIP Lux – “Hit 1 to Teach 100” (feat. Michael Santino)

RIP Lux comes through with a somber off-kilter tune titled “Hit 1 to Teach 100” featuring Michael Santino. The track is quite cryptic and is lyric dense.



G-DO & Xception – “New Moon”

G-DO and Xception team up for “New Moon,” an introspective record about the struggles of life and how we all weave through the madness. Backed by a soulful vocal sample-driven backdrop, the emcees take listeners through the various experiences deep in the grind. G-DO & Xception are a producer/mc duo.

M3RCII – “Camel Through A Needle”

M3RCII‘s new single “Camel Through A Needle” is a reflective tune about success and the process that goes with it. Over a somber backdrop, he gives listeners an honest look into the subject matter and how he balances trying to make it and be faithful to God.



Truth Ali – “I Saw Love”

Truth Alis new release “I Saw Love” is an uplifting and feel-good record about savoring the little moments in life that may go unnoticed.


Xfarm feat. Joy Morgan – “Cried”

Xfarm and Joy Morgan share a new single “Cried” which blends hip-hop with soul. The result is reflective and the warm melodic runs really draw listeners in.



SS Jay – “Life can wait”

SS Jay’s “Life can wait” is a heartfelt and reflective record that dives into how reality bites and his coping mechanism. The beat here is quite soulful and somber and the lyrics are honest and well crafted.



Ogi feel the Beat – “Relax” feat. Emceerad


Ogi feel the Beat and producer Emceerad share their new collaboration “Relax” taken from their forthcoming project entitled #WEBACK. The production is somber and Emceerad’s slow flow and unfiltered lyrics are quite engaging.



Still Cameron – “Joe Burrow”

Still Cameron pays homage to “Joe Burrow”‘ on this bass-heavy tune that sees the rapper making reference to Burrow’s NFL journey juxtaposed against his in the music industry.


Dom Chronicles x Gen The Assassin – “Shinin’ “


Dom Chronicles teams up with Gen The Assassin for this feel-good tune titled “Shinin’ ” The track has a lush dreamy texture and is ripe with vivid lyrics about staying in one’s glow at all times and savoring the moment.

King Kaiju – “Bubba Chuck”


VA emcee King Kaiju drops the new single “Bubba Chuck.” A laid-back tune ripe with lush keys and solid drum groove to match. His mellow flow works perfectly as well as he talks about achieving one’s goals.



Jack Dawkins – “OOTW”



Jack Dawkins‘s Run the Jewels and Rage Against The Machine-inspired single “OOTW” is a pounding track that blends rock, hard-nosed lyricism with an of kilter sensibility. From the punchy drums, crisp guitar riffs, and impassioned flows, Jack delivers the goods on this tune.


J.R. The Truth – “The One”


“The One” is J.R. The Truth‘s newest release that sees him in his element. Over a dark and trippy backdrop, he reminds us of his work ethic and flexes on the opposition.


GhanamanB – “Souf Side”


Rapper/producer GhanamanB reflects on his move to Chitown on his new song “Souf Side.” He makes use of an engaging backdrop that switches as it progresses while he runs through a myriad of experiences in the dangerous South Side.


Margiela Myers – “Beat It”


Canadian artist Margiela Myers make his entry on our playlist with his new release titled “Beat It”. Over a punchy and bass-heavy trap backdrop provided by VinnyTheWizard, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with stylish lyrics.


Mischa – “One Up”

Canadian emcee Mischa states her claim on this vibrant bravado-laden tune titled “One Up.” Backed by exotic strings, punchy drums, and an overall cinematic soundscape, Mischa delivers a solid performance with vivid lyricism and an uber-confident demeanor.

Savage The Poet Prod. Wildkatz – “Tuesday – Vocal version”


Savage The Poet teams up with producer Wildkatz for this vibrant and somewhat uplifting tune titled “Tuesday – Vocal version.” The track is made up of lively breaks, lush textures, and soothing soundscapes peppered by Savage’s detailed lyricism and impassioned flow.



Zero McGurker – “Tales Of Newark”


NJ emcee Zero McGurker’s “Tales Of Newark” is a vivid story that centers around several characters whose lives get intertwined in the most disastrous manner. Zero delivers an engaging performance over a cinematic piano-laden backdrop that adds an urgent vibe to the song.

The Hermit – “Gold Caps”


The Hermit’s “Gold Caps” is a gritty, psychedelic track ripe with off-kilter and zany lyrics. It’s quite engaging and strays from the norm in a unique manner.


LR Blitzkrieg x Nems – “Crew Love”


LR Blitzkrieg and the one and only Gorilla Nems are all about “Crew Love” in this new collaboration. Bolstered by a cinematic and hard-hitting backdrop, both emcees proceed to shatter the windows with vivid and unfiltered bars. The track is produced by Atlanta MC/Producer Ness Lee.


SUPER FREDDY & KOSI – “Seul Au Monde”


SUPER FREDDY & KOSI return with this heartwarming and reflective tune titled “Seul Au Monde.” Over a bouncy afropop backdrop ripe with lush keys and horns, the emcee shares his unfiltered thoughts on the struggles he is facing in this current pandemic. As the title suggests, it deals with being alone, isolated from the world due to the lockdown and the many emotional stress it can cause.


Nazzy the Mic – “My Truth”


Nazzy the Mic’s “My Truth” is a heartfelt piece that sees the rapper pouring her heart o wax. Over a bouncy backdrop, she takes listeners deep into the mix and the ups and downs of her life.


Radamiz – “Sangre, 2022” (ft. WHOGO)


Radamiz‘s “Sangre, 2022” is a reflective and insightful piece that dives into the dynamics of keeping faith, accountability, and having perseverance through the hard times. The backdrop is somber and soulful and Radamiz delivers a solid performance ripe with lyrics listeners can appreciate.


Lord Sko – “Nujabes Freestyle”


Washington Heights-based rapper Lord Sko helps close out the playlist with this bouncy ode to rap titled “Nujabes Freestyle.” Over a smooth jazz-infused production, he delivers a solid performance ripe with bravado driven lyrics

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