Martin, the charismatic 21-year-old rapper from Altadena, CA, releases hard-hitting slapper, “Modern Reputation”. This high-energy single features versatile flows, witty punchlines, and a booming hook expressing the artist’s frustration with the monotony of the hip-hop scene. The track is produced by SpydaWebs

Over a beat bursting with infectious rhythms and screeching video game-like synths produced by LA-based producer SpydaWebs, Martin explores factors he believes have contributed to creative stagnation in rap. The artist focuses in on materialism and unoriginality among other things, all the while filling the verses with more than enough lyrical acrobatics to make his points. “Modern Reputation” offers a refreshing, energy-infused listening experience, blending the sounds of modern hip-hop with those of classic 8-bit video game soundtracks.

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