Alternative genre-bending and eclectic hip-hop act Quinja returns with Crown Flow Show (Mixtape) – Roots Of The Crown Era, a 20-track body of work that captures her unique rap identity and style. The production is diverse and ranges from experimental to punchy boom-bap and trap. Tracks like “Lyriqal Juice” see her stating her claim and calling out the detractors, lines like “All they saying is that we don’t rap but they not paying attention to the underground/Its like I’m in this game and it’s like it’s just me/I came in this game like a lightbulb, and if I don’t see it/I can’t rap, alternative that’s my style” set the tone as she speaks her mind unapologetically.  In “Inception”, she quips “Shaking things up, causing commotion now it’s getting gritty in this hourglass/I got this game on lock now I’m breaking through” and reminds us that she is here for the long haul. The piano-laden “WESCAP (West African Princess)” sees her flexing her lyrical muscles while in “In My Own Lane”, she talks about her journey in the game.

Overall, the project serves as an introduction to her for those new to her and also a continuation of her slew of releases as she prepares for the next stage of her artistic evolution.


Stream on all DSPs here.

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