Edmonton-based multi-genre Grime artist Doller grew up around music royalty. He is the son of roots reggae singer Kush Tafari and nephew of Jamaican rapper Flash. With that being said, he knows his onions and ventured on his own musical path at the age of 16. He first started as a grime artist before expanding his skill set with a fusion of rap, dancehall and trap-soul and now he returns with his new EP CALL ME. The 3 track body of work sees him teaming up with various artists like MC Neat, Zara  Aleisha Lee and Terry Trill who all bring a different and distinct contribution to the multi-genre project which blends garage, trap-dancehall and trap-soul together.


The EP starts with the title track featuring MC Neat and Zara and together the trio delivers a smooth summer-tinged Garage tune that has a nostalgic feel. Zara sets the tone with her alluring vocal runs and heartfelt lovelorn lyrics followed by Doller’s gruff and commanding flow. Here the duo share some heartfelt thoughts on the special someone in their lives and reassure them that they will always be there. This is followed by  “CELLULAR(CALLE ME TRAP DANCEHALL)” a thumping bass-heavy dancehall-trap infused cut that showcases Doller’s Patois toasting style in all its glory. The final track is a Trap-Soul remix of “CALL ME” and on this one, he recruits vocalist Aleisha Lee and rapper Terry Trill to join him. Over downtempo drum grooves, and dreamy and ethereal textures, Doller and Terry pour adulations on their respective partners and remind them that they will always be there. This is peppered with Aleisha’s sublime vocals which tie things up in the chorus section.


Throughout his career the Edmonton-hailing-artist has received cosigns from multiple influential figures within the music scene such as Ghetts, Tion Wayne, DJ Target, Charlie Sloth, Sian Anderson, Sir Spyro, Wiley, Logan Sama and many others. His music has been featured on one of MTV’s Base adverts and was also the soundtrack of the movie “Sket”.


Connect with Doller  : SoundCloud | Spotify | Tik Tok | Instagram


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