Grammy-nominated producer Prolyfic (Of Lupe Fisaco F15 fame) spent a few days in the lab before Xmas to bring us this short body of work titled ‘#HYFCGB’ (Here is Your F**king Christmas Gift B****). The 6 track instrumental EP blends soulful sample, heavy drums,booming baselines and off kilter vocal snippets to tie everything together. This is pretty interesting to say the least. Homie has an unusual knack for spacey/surreal backdrops and cinematic chops. Need I say more? This instrumental EP bangs hard mate!

Tune in and get with the program.

“People forgot what quality sounds like. What quality feels like. So I made all of these tracks over the weekend {12/20/14} just to flex, and give a reminder of what it is that I do. A lot producers would hoard these beats, but they come easy to me. The artwork was done by me, using only iPhone apps. Consider this my “My. Nice Guy” care package. Quality+Quantity.  Merry Christmas…. Enjoy!” – Prolyfic

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