Bronx based music composer, producer and audio engineer who goes by the moniker Prod By Vett served us his newest offering titled  “AND BEYOND”. The 2-minute long track showcases a varied production style that exudes cinematic vibes as well. The drums hit hard and the sombre synths make for a very appealing sound.

“AND BEYOND” is taken from his Mood Swings EP which is an 8 track body of work that displays production music for television & film with openness for artist to write and perform. Hip-Hop as its core structure while also featuring R&B and Alternative Rock styles, provide a glimpse of the musical range that exemplifies the over-arching title of this EP. In this project, you’ll hear hefty distorted 808’s to trumpets, nostalgic piano chords to stimulating synths and live electric guitars. This array of sonic expression provides a slice of pie for many.

Stream the entire album below.


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