This album is sounding like the BOMB…Funky Dl is bringing it back proper. After listening to the above you too will believe the description below.


This is the teaser to the “Fantastic” new Funky DL album “Blackcurrent Jazz 2” set for release on July 20th 2011.

The teaser includes snippets of 8 tracks from the album including ” Son of a Brown Bomber”, “About You”, “No Comprendo”, “Still Dreaming”, “Ode To Nujabes”, “Whatever Happened To”, “It’s Beautiful” and “Le Jazz Courant Noir”… and this is only half of the albums content of 16 tracks CD / 17 tracks digital!!

Funky DL went into the studio to bring you all an album that reflects what true hip-hop encompasses with the essence of that golden era boom bap hip-hop over some of the most delectable beats from his music vaults.

This album promises to be perhaps one of Funky DL’s greatest creative excursions on one long player set! So make sure you buy your copy when the release date hits… you’ll be owning a “CLASSIC”.

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