Get your Hennessy or Maker’s Mark ready: J’Moris is bringing you some reprieve in the time of Coronavirus. B.I.D (Oowee) is coming straight to you from the Fortworth Texas rapper’s debut full-length album, Blac February. The album itself is swarming with Southern influence and “B.I.D” (which stands for “Buss It Down”) is no different. B.I.D’s hard-hitting bassline and laidback lyrical flow make it something comparable to an indie equivalent of the Three 6 Mafia classic, “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” for us restless Gen Y and Zers currently experiencing one of the planet’s deepest crises. The single, produced by Supamario Beats, is TikTok dance challenge-worthy, an activity to consider while you’re undergoing quarantine. No matter where you’re enjoying self-isolation, whether that be pre-gaming alone in your one-bedroom apartment or in the comfort of a relative’s home, you’re in good company with J’Moris and this squad pop-off beat. Grab a solo cup, keep your spirits high, and give “B.I.D” a listen here:

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