“Bored Of My Life” is the lead single from Sheffield, UK based emcee MOAN who have made several appearances on TWIB. The former 3 man group, now solely made up of Oxymoron return with a forthcoming project Bipolar Love Affair and the brand new single comes with a gripping visual. “Bored Of My Life” follows the lives of individuals who are cycling through the various life phases as they try to find a balance or some form of solace in the craziness. The lyrics are pretty honest and delivered with the passion and off-kilter style he has been using. Once again, Ben Woodward ‘s backdrop is pretty dark, ominous and plays a vital part in raising the urgency in the lyrics.

The visuals that accompany “Bored Of My Life” are shot by Parallel Media and it’s very cinematic with its quick shots and weird offbeat visual effects symbolizing the different phases the individuals are in.


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