Had to share this very great mix put together by the WIB’s good friend and fellow blogger Carminelita.

Carminelitta has great taste in music very in sync to WIB’s and does some of the best reviews and interviews around.

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Artwork by ~LaEscaleraDeJacob


Tracklist After The Jump…


‘Mad science’, Varsity Squad
‘Get it’ (prod PoShod Beats), Tahir Jahi
‘When we were kings’, Shane Eli – ‘I can do better’ (coming soon)
‘Black Rose (GumShoe remix)’, Has-Lo
‘Universal’, Open Mike Night – ‘Open Mike Night EP’
‘Thanks Jay’, Mecca:83
‘One less than two’, The Underachievers
‘Solar march’, St. Mic – ‘Solar March’ LP
‘calm before the storm’, daimyo – ‘self titled EP’
‘Tomorrows Not Promised’, Reggie B & Saadiq – ‘Tomorrows Not Promised EP’
‘greater kabob’, AL_PD – ‘Reliques’
‘Lazy Daze’, J*DaVeY – ‘Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes’
‘It’s Sunday again’ ft Janelle Renee, Jinesis – ‘My Thoughts Exactly EP’
‘U Again’, Giovanca – ‘Subway Silence’

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