Southern MD rapper/songwriter Parris LaVon kicks off 2023 with his new project WINTER IV,  an 8-track body of work that takes listeners on an epic ride of sounds, rap styles and engaging topics. The project starts off with the aptly titled “SCARY SCENE”, a dark moody track that opens the floodgates for Parris to formally introduce himself to new listeners. Over the cinematic backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with soothing melodies and candid lyrics that detail his journey as an artist who is fully committed to his art. This is followed by “Niggas Talk”, a mid-tempo guitar-laden trap track that hits hard once you hit the play button. Parris sounds more than confident over this and flexes his lyrical prowess on the haters. He is joined by up-and-coming rapper HiLevel Tay who comes through with a solid verse as well. On “Deja Vu”, he slows it down with an R&B-inspired record made up of sombre piano riffs, and solemn strings that form the perfect backdrop for Parris’ reflective lyrics. This is followed by “BLOOO” and “WEAK”, two tracks that dig deep into Parris’ inner demons and struggles as an artist who is working on himself and finding his footing bit by bit. The project closes out with “Tell Me A Lie” and “Villain” which help wrap up the project with more introspective elements.

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