lovesix <3 is the latest group on the scene and it is made up of Eclectic alternative rapper/songwriter okay(K) and pg562. Their latest release Love, 6 (EP) is their sophomore EP and a follow-up to their first self-titled EP. The 5 track project is a mix of real-life tales that listeners can relate to.


“the goat” sets the tone with its triumphant horns and soulful textures layered over mellow trap drums. Here, okay(K) proceeds to share with audiences some of his life experiences ranging from his creative endeavours and matters of the heart. Armed with his off-kilter and unassuming melodic flow, he displays vulnerability with lines like “I miss my girl/I wanna tell her that she is my world/I wanna tell her that she make the rain and the sun in the sky make it shine out your ass” and closes it with a self affirmative approach. This is followed by “make it to the next day”, a solemn and moody piece that dives into introspective themes such as self-discovery and gratefulness for being able to live life and take whatever it gives him. Next is “counting my blessings” which is introduced by a filtered vocal sample and surreal pads with hushed drums before okay(K)’s unassuming melodic runs come into play. As the title suggests, it centers on being content with one’s situation and lines like “Money I’m making and chances I’m taking, why am I trying to be a hero/I could be charging my peoples way more but I keep my rate near zero/Pay what I’m worth” give audiences a glimpse into his train of thought and how he is trying to better himself while helping the people around him.



The project closes out with two sombre tracks “september” and “cloutology” which dive into reflective and nostalgic themes. The former is a mellow guitar-laden pop-soul piece that serves as an auto-biography of some sort as he takes us down memory lane to his humble beginnings and the many events that shaped him into the man he is. The final track “cloutology” continues on a similar premise and uses slick Spanish guitars with triumphant horns to match the southern drum groove. Once again, the duo delivers the goods with their non-conforming melodic style that sounds raw, unfiltered and candid.


In a nutshell, Love, 6 (EP) is brief and sticks to its core element which is being consistently different from the rest. The lyrics are genuine and heartfelt and the expressive vocal approach is somewhat refreshing and stands out.




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