Massachusetts super group Notorious Outsiders (N.O.I.S.E) is back with their sophomore project The Second Coming, a 15-track body of work that bridges the worlds of R&B and hip-hop. The group is made up of 7 members which include; MDogg, K.O The Artist, Jazzy Belle, Marcus McCloud, Killa H4, Syness and Ca$hMani


“Speeding Past Time” has a soulful and reflective feel and it’s a showcase of verbal proficiency from the group with a dash of reflection that centres on taking time to smell the roses before it’s too late. “Umbilical” is a sparse and haunting track ripe with drill basslines and lush keys underpinned by fiery raps from Syness, MDogg, Marcus McCloud and K.O The Artist. No stone is left unturned here with lines like “Been in war so long, I got army tats/I’m the new commander, Nigga roger that/ better send a salute to your general/You ain’t no member don’t make me dismember you”that pepper the track. Next is the Gospel-tinged “Fallen Angels”, with its rich organ riffs, soul-stirring choral vocal sample and conscious lyrics that dwell on real-time issues from racial tensions, global wars, insurrection and self-doubt. Lines like “Pain of the crucifixion crossing my mind/So I pray to a higher power that I can find/So divine, genuine, holy behind the crimes/Holy wars KKK, discrimination rewinds to a time when division between fiction and lies in a rhyme but compared to these days, it’s all behind” dig deep into the core of the matter and give listeners something to think on. The next track “On go” uses a bouncy bay area soundscape but the lyrics are vivid and engaging while the chorus is memorable as well. Tracks like “ETA” and “Insane” showcase the group’s versatility as they deliver a smooth mix of styles and refreshing songwriting. The former is a punchy R&B-infused track that is made up of soulful textures and pulsating basslines peppered with alluring melodic runs and relatable topics where they speak about the dynamics in a relationship and the never-ending cycle of drama. The latter is a mid-tempo trap/R&B infused track ripe with sublime emo-melodies and heartfelt and candid lyrics centring on being lovelorn. it features Tentwo.


The fun continues on the hard-hitting “Godzilla”, a bass-laden track that will rattle the speakers with its thumping drums but the icing is the lyrical display from the rappers who break the mould and hold nothing back. “Boom Bap Pt. 2” lives up to its title by delivering a stylish 90s boom-bap-inspired track complete with punchy drums, haunting textures and vivid storytelling from the rappers who take us through their respective journeys as they race for the apex. The project gets a short musical break with “Dusse Flow Interlude”, where MDogg gets to flex his verbal biceps over a soulful backdrop before they take us to the clubs with “Outside”, a smooth dance-infused track that invites listeners to the BBQ. It’s quite a departure from the rest of the songs but doesn’t sound out of place with it’s smooth basslines, sublime textures and memorable hook.


N.O.I.S.E (Who The Hell Are You?)” is a laidback track with smoky textures and an overall nostalgia-inducing aesthetic that is underpinned by the group’s distinct styles that blend bravado, reflection and a touch of soul. This is followed by “Musket”, a punchy UK Drill soundscape that sees them adopting a London accent with a North American twist and the result is an interesting tribute to the UK. The final track “Notorious” is a blissful introductory track that serves as the perfect closer where each member gets to showcase their lyrical proficiency. The hook is solid too and helps tie the theme seamlessly. You can watch the video for “Notorious” below.




Overall, The Second Coming, presents new and old listeners with a wide variety of sounds that help keep the entire project dynamic and far from being stale. The rappers are adept lyricists and they weave engaging stories with ease and the use of melodies also adds an extra soulful depth into the mix.




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