Before now, I had brought to your listening pleasure the very conscious Home (Housing is a Right) mixtape from the Nomadic Wax imprint. Now the outfit has blessed us with Super MC vol 2 which is a continuation from where the previous release left us. This a track that was crafted by the super producer Teck-Zilla himself, laying the foundation for eleven emcees to build on. A bilingual approach was adopted for this record and to be honest it is quite good. Regardless of the fact that I do not understand any of the languages used apart from the code mixing of English, the song sounds pleasing to the ears. This is hip hop from the motherland and the unity of rhyming makes this track a winner.

I have a list of names for all that contributed to this 11 minute track and will try to fit it all in. We have Wakazi (Tanzania), De La Ceiba (Honduras/USA), Five Steez (Jamaica), Mr. Riz (South Africa), Emile YX? (South Africa), Incyt (Malawi), Third Eye (Malawi), Babaluku (Uganda), Holstar (Zambia), Shokanti (Cape Verde), Rafiya (DRC/ USA) with DJ Boo supplying the cuts on the track.  Get up and pay attention y’all.

“The SUPER MC is the one that can spit in more than two languages… American rappers can’t compete with that!” – Chuck D (Public Enemy) 

The SUPER MC series was inspired by an interview that Nomadic Wax’s creative team had with Chuck D on his radio show in NYC. After discussing international hip hop, and the bilingual skills of many artists around the world, Chuck D coined the term ‘Super MC,’ when he said: “A super emcee is the one who can spit in more than two languages. That is the mark of a super rapper… If you can rhyme in more than two languages and braid them together… an American rapper cannot compete with that.” 

In February 2012, we released the first edition of the Super MC series, bringing bilingual rappers together from all over the world (download here: In the summer of 2013, we began work on the 2nd Super MC single. Produced by Nigerian producer Teck Zilla, Super MC V2 features Wakazi (Tanzania), De La Ceiba (Honduras/USA), Five Steez (Jamaica), Mr. Riz (South Africa), Emile YX? (South Africa), Incyt (Malawi), Third Eye (Malawi), Babaluku (Uganda), Holstar (Zambia), Shokanti (Cape Verde), Rafiya (DRC/USA). Each emcee was once again tasked with the challenge of writing a 16 bar verse to creatively flex their bilingual skills. Italy’s DJ Nio hooked up the cover design and DJ Boo returned to the series with the scratches.

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