I have come to realize that music is a great weapon often used to spark conversations on a lot of social issues. This is what hip hop derives its being from and on which the art form has been known for in the wake of its existence. Unfortunately, the new era players of the game got greedy and it appears all that is important is bank accounts hitting the seven zeros. Rather than play to the gallery, the Nomadic Wax team, along with DJ Boo, have decided to go back to the essence of what made hip hop one of the most controversial genres out there today and speak out on one of those social issues affecting people today on ‘Home (Housing Is A Human Right)’. All over the world, housing issues is quite common place. People are basically not asking for luxury but a place comfortable to roof the family unit together in peace. People are aware that housing is a human right. It is not necessarily about a building but the peace mind that makes one feel at home wherever you are. But the capitalist nature of the world today is making peace of mind far-fetched. This is what Nomadic Wax is communicating with this ‘Musicmentary’ or ‘Documusic’ depending on which sounds better to you. There is no way you will go through this tape and your mind won’t journey into the realm of thought. The lyrics on each verse has got depth but it is the many testimonials and poetry as additives that deals the heavy mental blow and strikes a serious mental chord that resonates in the mind. I have said too much; plug and play and feel the sting.

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