Uptown XO is no newbie to the Bond and there is no need to hype the man. Some people do not have to be in the limelight to find the panache that will set them in motion. All I had to do was feel the song to realize the talent residing in this emcee. He definitely knows what he is doing and has equipped and educated himself on how to get where he hopes to be. ‘Finding My Way’ is a video for the first single off the album Colour de Grey and it is a neat video. Basically flows with the boom bap sound of the track and also misses out the booty shots that has become the norm in videos. The gemini act in the video says a lot of things about the XO; playing the ghetto child struggling to bubble up and then playing the man in the suit hoping to spark a change. The back and white appearance also helps to hide the need to show off glitz which is cool enough to drive home the boom bap feel. Something for your taste buds.

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