Madlib’s Young Jazz Rebels – Slave Riot

I don’t know how he does it, but MadLib always has the most original & kick ass Vinyl covers out there…this one couldn’t be any better suited to the Black Panther/60’s Motifs of the album

Stones Throw:

“Young Jazz Rebels is a Madlib jazz group from the Yesterdays Universe collective. The album Slave Riot, their debut, is an avant-garde free jazz record, a style Madlib has been developing with Young Jazz Rebels since their debut on 2006’s Chrome Childrencompilation with the track “Nino’s Deed.”

An alternate take of “Nino’s Deed” is included on Slave Riot, with 17 others – sounds ranging from heavy rhythm (“The Legends of Mankind”) to electro-jazz fusion (“Forces Unseen”, “Black Freedom”) to the sparse and experimental heard in the 2-part album centerpiece, “Slaved Riot”.

Inspired primarily by independent and experimental jazz vinyl from the late 60s, 70s and 80s, Slave Riot begins and ends with audible vinyl static, and it’s packaged uniform with Madlib’s other new jazz release, Miles Away: CD with heavy-boarded mini-gatefold LP-style package with a “tip-on” gatefold photo and inner sleeve. The double LP is printed with a duo-tone black panther on front & back.”

Worldwide release: April 6, 2010
Available now at


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