LMD is a rap trio made up of LMNO, MED, and Dudley Perkins who have come together to drop something refreshing in the form of this new single “Advice” and its visuals. The trio aims to take it back to the true essence of hip-hop with dope rhymes and well-crafted beats from the beat conductor himself Madlib. The result is a smooth smokey atmospheric jam that is underpinned by the rappers’ unfiltered bars that take shots at corporations who misuse and abuse the artform. The trio weave through the smooth backdrop with tandem rhymes and engaging flows to match.

The visual starts off with behind-the-scenes footage of the trio as they lay in the studio chopping it up. The visual slowly switches to them performing at different spots and also makes use of several performance shots all done in gloomy black and white aesthetics.

LMD started its mission almost 8 years ago through many smoked-out sessions and after many trials and errors, they finally created a super-soldier serum that has enhanced their creative abilities to a level never seen before. May all the galaxies tremble from the mighty vibrations of LMD!

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