Raiza Biza an MC based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Or as the rest of the world calls it, ‘that place that Lorde is from’. Raiza comes through with a lot of love for the grind we do at TWIB, and after listening to the quality of the single NADA, how could we not support this dopeness?! This one is definitely is definitely worth keeping on replay.
About Raiza Biza:
Originally from Rwanda, I moved to NZ in 2000 around the time that the first influx of African immigrants began rolling in. Fast forward to today. Now, you have a bunch of new age black kids speaking in a strange accent while essentially creating their own scene.
I recorded NADA at Red Bull Studio, Auckland as part of their Sound Select platform. It features vocals from rapper/singer Jane Deezy, and produced by Crime Heat.
Over the last year, myself and 2 of NZ’s top acts (not including Lorde) have toured NZ extensively, selling out several arenas, and performing to over 30,000 people over the duration. Since then, I have been in negotiations with a US based record label, so there is a chance that more NZ artists will be on your radar in the near future. 
@Raiza Biza: Thanks for the readership and respect. We appreciated.

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