New Zealand singer, songwriter, and beat maker Vanessa Stacey releases her third independent single “Will We Learn.”  Stacey’s conscious melodies deliver a heartrending reminder of life’s lessons.  The smoky vocals from Stacey along with an excerpt from May Angelou’s poem “A Brave and Startling Truth” heightens a hair-raising emotion to the record.

Stacey’s live band The Shuffle provide an upbeat jazz and funk fusion ignited by drums, keys, bass, and an electric guitar. Stream “Will We Learn” here.

“So, on October 20th 1972, The Equal Pay Act was passed in New Zealand but has yet to be enforced or even encouraged. So as 2018 and the 125 Suffrage Anniversary draw to an end. Let’s celebrate these remarkable women, who fought fearlessly for equality and remember, that sadly, the battle is far from over… Anyhow, here’s my new jam ‘Will We Learn’ aka “reap what you sow, get what you earn” …
-Vanessa Stacey

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