Always been a fan of the remix culture which I must say hit the apex in the 90s. The thought of your favorite track being revamped into something new and original( excluding those new line up type stuff) was exciting enough and sometimes we found the remix to be far greater than the original.

On this go around, Long Island’s  DJ Concept takes liberty with Nature‘s vocals off his 2014 gem “Throw It Up” and flips it something incredible. Making use of a mellow groove, layered with a nostalgic flute and warm bassline, we are transported into Nature’s world. The truth of the matter is the QB veteran is still sharp as ever.

The original track, which appeared on Seasons Changed: Winter Edition, featured the legendary Queensbridge rapper on his NYC-rap steez. That was thanks in part to Marco Polo, whose instrumental captured the grit and grime of Nature’s rhymes. But for Concept, there was more to the track than that.

And just in case you’ve yet to peep Concept’s other projects from this year, be sure to check his collab album Seventy Nine with Planet Asia, in addition to his uplifting instrumental tape, Flight Patterns 2. Concept’s remix of “Throw It Up” is now available wherever music can be streamed.



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