Not too long ago on the heels of The Lost Tapes 2 release, Nas stopped by Drink Champs for a quick reunion with N.O.R.E. They discussed Esco’s journey from him shopping his demos with Akinyele, the phone call from Biggie over Raekwon’s Shark N*ggas (Biters) joint – including a verse from him that supposedly went at Tupac Shakur. From the conversation, it seems like it’s an unreleased verse. Some may recall ‘Long Kiss Goodnight‘ from 1997’s Life After Death album where it was obvious who Biggie was talking about in the song.

“That was about ’Pac,” Lil’ Cease said in a 2004 XXL interview. “He had some shit at the beginning of that though, nobody heard it, on the reel. We had to change it. It was a little too much. I can’t remember what Big said about him, but it was terrible.”

Nas also details how he has enough music for two more Lost Tapes.

“Yeah, I do.. with some big artists, features, and I can drop another one with features. (Part 2) I kept it no features, but the next one…

“The production is the features,” DJ EFN interjects.

“The production, definitely … but there’s nobody rapping with me (on part 2). But the next one, the features are crazy.”

“On part three,” N.O.R.E. said.

“Yeah,” said Nas.


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