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Young Misery K – “Play it safe”

Emerging rapper Young Misery K opens up our playlist with the introspective single titled “Play it safe”. The track is made up of a solemn and punchy soundscape and sees her reflecting on her life from the beginning and the many events that made her who she is. From being shy and playing it safe to eventually figuring out that life really changes when one moves out of the comfort zone, Young Misery K gives listeners a nuanced view of her progression.


Temp Hughland  – “Ego” (feat. jade.)

Temp Hughland and singer Jade team up for this smooth summer-tinged record titled “Ego”. The song has a smoky and hazy vibe and sees Temp delivering stream-of-consciousness raps while Jade peppers the track with her sultry melodic runs.


Yonny – “WHO DEY?”

Emerging rap artist Yonny delivers this mid-tempo jam titled “WHO DEY?” on our playlist. He employs a wide range of cadence underpinned by a blend of bravado and insightful lyrics that sets him apart from the crowd.

FrankieOG – “Let Me Know”


FrankieOG  makes his entry on our list with his latest release “Let Me Know” which sees him teaming up with producer TJ MURPHY. Over the soulful and sublime soundscape made up of rich guitar riffs, warm strings and a head-nodding groove, FrankieOG takes us to the genesis of his life story and his subsequent growth as a young man who is finding his footing in a crazy world.



Fly Anakin – “Outsidigan’s Anthem”

Fly Anakin drops new single “Outsidigan’s Anthem” which is the second release from his forthcoming EP Skinemaxxx (Side A), out April 5th on Lex Records – the first of a two-part project with producer Foisey. Bolstered by Foisey’s retro-r&b samples and head-nodding grooves, Fly Anakin pays tribute to the cats who are on the streets grinding under rain, snow or sleet.




M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L. – “IMPIETY” (feat. Phil TICE)


M.A.D.S.K.I.L.L.‘s newest release “IMPIETY” sees him teaming up with producer Phil TICE for a brutal verbal display. The production is dynamic, sombre and punchy while the rapper’s energetic cadence and graphic lyrics take precedence as he flows with much gusto over the layered soundscape laid before him.



Lujza - "Caught Up"


Lujza takes us back to her debut album with the song “Caught Up” which is the first song on the album. The track has a smooth texture and punchy groove which is underpinned by her sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on finding true love and expressing how she truly feels about it.


SJB – “Twisted Lies”

genre-bending artist SJB gets introspective in his song “Twisted Lies”, a chilled melody-infused tune that explores a man dealing with past issues while trying to be a better man for his girl. Over a soothing piano-laden backdrop, he delivers a chilled melodic performance ripe with heartfelt and candid lyrics that listeners can relate to.


9rlfrnd – “Love In Abundance”

9rlfrnd‘s “Love In Abundance” is an uplifting and self-empowering record that we need right now. The acoustic guitar-driven track is underpinned by 9rlfrnd’s airy and sultry vocal tone and insightful lyrics that center on self-love and the effect of spreading positivity around. Just as the title suggests, Love in Abundance is what the world needs right now.




DroTheWhale – “Suddenly”

DroTheWhale‘s “Suddenly” is a soulful and reflective record made up of dreamy soul samples and airy vocal hums that sound like a scene from a 70s flick. DroTheWhale gets into his element and delivers a blend of bravado and insightful bars like “The world ain’t give a nigga the blueprint on how to grow up” and proceeds to show us how he took control of his life to achieve his goals.


G.A.W.D.S – “Sippy Cup”

G.A.W.D.S gets into their bag in “Sippy Cup” where the trio team up with Sonny Reddz for a verbal onslaught. Over the cinematic and pounding soundscape provided by rapper/producer Regulus, the emcees Pinpoint, L3 and Sonny Reddz do their thing while DJ Rocky Styles gets busy on the cuts. No stone is left unturned as the rappers implore listeners that it’s best to stay away from people with bad energy and keep them at bay at all times.

This track is the first leak from the next forthcoming G.A.W.D.S. album (which stands for “Going At Whoever Don’t Surrender”) LP to drop this spring. The crew’s most recent album was last year’s “Gloria” LP which featured the single “Jaffe Joffer Jr.” featuring Copywrite with other notable guests including Pawz One and Dom Pachino (aka P.R. Terrorist of Killarmy).




HENRY ABERSON – “Time Goes By”

Henry Aberson teams up with Derran Day, Korey Keys for this laidback and reflective record titled “Time Goes By”. Over a chilled guitar riff, warm basslines and mellow keys, the singer delivers a soothing and sultry melodic performance ripe with insightful lyrics that dwell on making the bst of time.






Oyster Pep x Lil Kriz – “Back To The Kill Shit”

Oyster Pep and  Lil Kriz  are “Back To The Kill Shit” in their newest release. The West Coast-inspired tune harks back to the Bay Area/Deathrow/Dogg Pound sound from yesteryears albeit with a modern element as Lil Kriz delivers an animated and off-kilter performance and tops it up with a catchy hook which interpolates a handful of classic hip-hop tunes we grew up on.


Aeon Crux x D. Rymz – “The Dojo”

Aeon Crux and New York lyricist D. Rymz take us back to “The Dojo” and they are geared up for today’s lesson with vivid lyricists and engaging wordplay. Over a Japanese instrument-laden boom-bap backdrop, the emcee takes us through the mental training of a man developing his mental, spiritual and physical forms.



TUBBZ – “The Getaway”

UK emcee TUBBZ returns to our site with “The Getaway”, a chilled and insightful record that dives into the concept of getting away from the madness of the daily hustle. Over a sombre and solemn soundscape made up of crisp guitar licks, melancholic pads and soft drums, TUBBZ shares his method of detaching from the negative energy surrounding him and going away to the sticks to revitalize his soul.





Myer Clarity – “12 Steps”

UK songwriter/rapper/producer Myer Clarity takes “12 Steps” in this introspective and reflective record. Over rich guitar riffs, lush pads and punchy drum breaks, he gets into his element as he breaks the chains of monotony and complacency with his versatile performance ripe with vivid raps and smooth melodic runs.



The Wiz – “Narrow Road”

The Wiz takes us through the “Narrow Road” where the faith of believers is tested. Over a moody and cinematic backdrop, the inspirational rapper details the ups and downs of the proverbial narrow road where distractions and tempotations are abound and only his faith in the lord will help him through it all.



Manic – “goodbye” ft JAMAL JACK (prod. manic)

Manic‘s newest release  “goodbye” sees him teaming up with JAMAL JACK and the result is a blend of introspective and reflective lyrics delivered in an off-kilter and expressive manner over a thumping and sombre soundscape.



Valed – “Ego”

Valed raises the ante with “Ego”, a track off his new mixtape titled DUMPSTERFIRE. The cinematic and punchy beat is underpinned by Valed’s bravado-driven track that sees him in his element. Armed with his commanding flow and vivid lyricism, he details his own journey as an artist who is finding success and showing promise with every step.



SJB – “Made For Me”

SJB‘s “Made For Me” aims to boost our spirit in dark times as he details how dark clouds and naysayers try to detract him from his goals. Over the solemn piano-laden backdrop, he shares his journey as he weaves through the craziness around his life and being hopeful helped him get to where he is.



Blvck163 – “Für Dich”

German rapper Blvck163 makes his entrance on our site with “Für Dich”. The rapper who started his career in the early 2000s is not slowing down and continues with this hard-hitting and introspective record.



Juss Kev – “Ovid Freestyle”

Juss Kev displays pure lyricism with an off-kilter demeanour in his new release “Ovid Freestyle”. Backed by a sombre and moody backdrop, the rapper brings out his a-game and shows us why he is one to watch.




Zeno – “Cruise”

UK rapper Zeno goes for a distinct and off-beat approach in his new release titled  “Cruise” which sees him weaving tension and a bit of resolution into his songwriting. His vocals are unique and griff and sure stand out over the bouncy playful soundscape.



Bravado Bard – “Red Sky’s”

Independent artist Bravado Bard delivers this bravado-filled tune “Red Sky’s” which showcases his off-kilter style in full swing. Over a bouncy and piano-laden backdrop, the rapper gives listeners a wide variety of rap styles laced with verbal jousting and some insightful elements that dive into his life’s journey.

Dale Bishop – “Germinate”

Nashville-based Atlanta, Ga raised artist Dale Bishop “Germinate”. The soulful record is as insightful as they come and follows Dale’s growth and journey as a young man reaching success and experiencing life through a different lens and perspective.


SHOWTIME RAMON comes through with a new single “Lex Lugerr” which continues his WWE-inspired tracks. Backed by the bouncy and moody backdrop crafted by Rick Hyde, Showtime Ramon goes for the jugular with his off-kilter style and flexes on the opposition with verbal muscles as big as the legendary wrestler Lex Luger.

Oliver – “Years”

Emerging rapper Oliver kicks off the year with his first release since his 2021’s release” Stay With Us”. The record showcases his newfound style which sees him detailing the ups and downs of life and his journey as an artist who has and continues to pay his dues.

Copywrite x Kount Fif x Awol One – “Ain’t No Rules” ft. DJ Hoppa

“Ain’t No Rules” is a cinematic record brought to us by veteran emcee Copywrite, producer Kount Fif and lyricist Awol One. Bolstered by Kount Fif’s blaxploitation-inspired backdrop made up of rich guitar licks, thick basslines and hard drums, the emcees take us through the dynamics of life where the rules are nonexistent and one must navigate with all senses on point. The trio is joined by DJ Hoppa who throws in some brilliant vocal scratches to complement the graphic raps.

Jemy x Mekfly – “NightSlide”

Jemy and Mekfly help us out with a soulful and bouncy tune “NightSlide” which showcases engaging and versatile raps with catchy hooks. It’s a feel-good tune made for cool evening downtime.


Ezza of Choom Gang x Sayzee – “Peace God”


Ezza of Choom Gang and Sayzee team up for the introspective and solemn record titled “Peace God”. Over a vocal sample-driven backdrop with soft percussions, the emcee delivers a mix of unfiltered and insightful bars that listeners can relate to.

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