Toronto artist/producer Myer Clarity is not new to TWIB and has been featured on our site alongside his longtime collaborators The Movement Fam many times. The genre-bending act is now back in the field with a brand new cut “One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together” that displays his unique melody-driven style and a knack for penning profoundly relatable pieces that everyone can latch on to. The self-produced track blends a handful of styles ranging from R&B, funk, and soul and also features local brass player Troy Dowding who adds his own unique touch to augment the track.

“One Day I’ll Get My Shit Together” is far from a standard proclamation type record and feels more like an anthemic piece that puts Clarity back in perspective as he fights off his demons on the way to success. He makes use of the lush, alluring backdrop laid before him to good use and delivers a heartwarming performance that taps into the spirit of a man putting himself back together bit by bit. Clarity is not afraid to point out his flaws which allow the human element to flow organically on the track but on the flip side, he is definitely not seeking cheap sympathy from anyone.

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