Two OGs from Living Legends are linking up to collaborate on a new album. Under the alias Thees Handz, Murs and The Grouch are set to deliver the project on Friday.

Although the two were from the same crew from long ago and have did work with other Living Legends members, they have never done work on a collaborative project. With Thees Handz, this will be their first.

Even though they haven’t officially worked together in quite some time, they have garnered a lot of attention doing live events. For example, in 2006 both Murs and The Grouch has put together their own annual music festival (w/Murs linking up with Guerilla Union to form Paid Dues, and The Grouch launching How The Grouch Stole Christmas). The Grouch and Eligh took an unfortunate break for HTGSC in 2013.

Despite the two having respective careers, together they didn’t always agree on things.

“Murs and I didn’t always see eye to eye. During our time in the living legends, we butted heads when it came to creative and business decisions,” Grouch commented. “As time has gone on, our love for each other as brothers has grown. We recorded this album from a real place and I’m very proud of how far we’ve come. We built this shit from the ground up with our bare hands, so to speak, and the title track, “Thees Hands” embodies that. We included the “Be Nice” track because every motherfucker needs to be nice. Enjoy!”

In addition to the collaborative effort on their upcoming project, the duo will be headlining the 12th and FINAL HTGSC tour, which starts next week. We’ve posted about it on our IG back in September, but forgot to add the dates here, so check below – and purchase your tickets now!

Side note: Where’s Eligh in all of this?

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