Mr. SOS (formerly of CunninLynguists) returns to the forefront with his new single “1212 (Ode to ATCQ)” which sees him paying tribute to his hip-hop heroes over a smooth jazzy backdrop. The mellow track produced by Maxamill is ripe with sublime soulful riffs and a bouncy drum groove to match, Mr. SOS’s vibrant flow and evocative lyrics.

SOS also adds “A Tribe Called Quest was my introduction to fresh lyrical Hip Hop with positive messages at a time when the drug pusher pimp was basically becoming the industry standard. Growing up, they let me know I could still be myself and remain cool & confident. I told the producer Maxamill to make a beat to make me say “1111,1212” on some Tribe sh*t, and the rest is history!”

Get “1212 (Ode to ATCQ)” on major DSPs here.

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