Indie hip-hop artists IronChef and D-Rock make their entry on our site with two solid tracks “Bleed True” and “Put it on Me 2” that showcase the duo’s chemistry and off-kilter musical styles.

“Bleed True” is the first cut and it’s a somber piano-laden piece crafted by IronChef. D-Rock provides the vocals and peppers the track with his gruff flow and vivid lyrical imagery that grips the ears from start to finish.

Get “Bleed True” on Youtube and Apple Music.

The second track “Put it on Me 2” is an upbeat track and showcases a different side to the rapper D-Rock. It sees him pouring adulation on the girl that caught his eye and he proceeds to show what he would do for and to her over a punchy drum groove and moody texture.

Both tracks are taken from the duo’s new LP Rock Files Vol. 2. Get it here.


 IronChef started making beats in 2001 mainly sharing on Myspace and Acid Planet. There is where he 1st linked up with D-Rock who then was Pennsylvania group King Nation. IronChef stationed in Austin, TX made unique styled beats a little different then the norm and that’s what caught the eye of D-Rock and the rest of King Nation. Throughout the past 20 yrs D-Rock and IronChef have connected on over 150 tracks together but no major release.

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