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Myron Wright – “Dreams”

Myron Wright takes time to self-reflect in his new single “Dreams” which is as heartfelt and somber as they come. Over an airy and atmospheric soundscape, he gives us a nuanced take on his life as a man with many flaws but diligently working and taking steps to correct his errors.



B dot Fresh – “Too Many Things”


B dot Fresh‘s “Too Many Things” is a solemn piece that sees him reflecting on how external and internal forces can affect the artist, for better or worse. The lyrics are somewhat personal and candid and give an interesting take on finding one’s true north in the midst of the never-ending chaos.


SEALEY – “The Kingdom”

Emerging rapper SEALEY shares this inspirational track titled “The Kingdom”, which is about focusing on the more important things in life rather than material things. The production here is bouncy and soulful and SEALEY really deliver the goods with intent and thoughtful raps.


G Bae Bae – “Casper Freestyle”

G Bae Bae returns to our playlist with “Casper Freestyle”. The self-produced record is a pure display of lyricism as G Bae Bae proceeds to wreck the mic with vivid songwriting and an impassioned double-time flow to match the cinematic soundscape laid before him.


Zack Symes – “Cinderella”


Emerging rapper Zack Symes‘ “Cinderella” is a thoughtful take on the modern-day Cinderella but this time she is on her phone, social media, and always on a girl trip or outside taking pictures. Zack makes use of a sad piano-laden backdrop to paint the picture of the modern bad chick who in an attempt to stand out unfortunately falls in the same pool of ladies who do the same hing.



Metri Christ – “Planes”

Metri Christ shares his experiences in a toxic relationship in his new single “Planes”. Over a somber and melancholic backdrop, he pours his heart out and reflects on the pain felt from loving someone who is not reciprocating the same gestures.



D-Werd – “Coffee and a Conversation”


D-Werd shares his thoughts on communication in his new single “Coffee and a Conversation”. Over a soulful and bright soundscape, he shows us what true communication between two individuals looks like. Simple, reflective, and evocative.



Ebun Noir – “Underground Kids + Kings”


Canadian rapper Ebun Noir shares his new single “Underground Kids + Kings”. The production is ethereal and somewhat somber, the flow is impassioned and has a carefree feel and the aspirational lyrics are pronounced



Kiseme – “Jeff Hardy”


Emerging rapper/producer Kiseme makes his entry on our playlist with “Jeff Hardy”. The self-produced track is somber and punchy and sees the San Diego, CA dropping a stream of consciousness rap filled with bravado and graphic imagery.
Kiseme is also a member of a collective called Can’t Clone.




Leaveascar – “Passcode”


Leaveascar‘s “Passcode” is a conceptual track that tells a tale of a woman who mourns the death of her relationship but soon finds out her former lover is being comforted by another woman. the production is airy and ominous and her flow is sultry and the lyrics are quite vivid as well.





Jonathan Cloud x Sadat X – “Time Is of the Essence”


Jonathan Cloud and veteran NY emcee Sadat X team up for “Time Is of the Essence” an introspective record that talks about making good use of this fleeting thing called time. Over an ethereal and atmospheric backdrop, the emcees drop more than a handful of gems for listeners to grow on.



Moguido – “The beginning of the end”


Moguido shares “The beginning of the end” as he prepares to drop his debut album. The solemn tune is a heartfelt track that talks about using music as an escape during the rainy days. He also brings in Namibian/Dutch Soul singer Shishani who adds a smooth melodic addition to the record. This is the second single from Moguido’s upcoming debut album My fantasy Infinity.




Stay Nice & Joe Jackson – “Face The Music”

Stay Nice and Joe Jackson shares their debut collaborative single “Face The Music” a mellow and reflective tune that dwells on the unpredictable journey of life and has the wisdom to enjoy the little blessings that come our way.



Nathan Charles – “Menace”

Emerging LA-based rapper Nathan Charles embodies the spirit of the “Menace” in his new single. The mellow Afropop infused track is as hypnotic as they come and sees Nathan in his element as he drops vivid lyrics that are part tongue-in-cheek and r-rated



Sequoyah Faulk x Zigzilla – “So Fast “

“So Fast ” is a thoughtful and introspective piece from Sequoyah Faulk and Zigzilla. The guitar-driven backdrop dwells on the evolution of technology as time progresses. From the horse to steam locomotives to supersonic jets, the rappers see how fast technology evolves and its effect on our future.




IM’PERETIV x CHAYNA ASHLEY – “Champagne Dreams”

“Champagne Dreams” is the second single release in the rollout of The Precedent, the collab album between Chayna Ashley & IM’PERETIV. The new single is cinematic and hard-hitting and CHAYNA holds it down with graphic and vivid lyrics centered around her roots and journey from the bottom to the top.



Phocuz – “Limousine Dark Tint” (Feat. The Game and Chris Mills)


Phocuz and J-Mac are currently preparing their collaborative project Vibes R Eternal Vol 2, and as a teaser, they drop this new single called “Limousine Dark Tint” featuring The Game and Chris Mills. Backed by a somber and ominous piano arrangement and thick drums, the emcees reflect on the ups and downs of life but implore us that they are far from losing focus on their goals as they go late-night creepin’ through the streets of LA.



P.B. Kelii – “Big Dawg” (feat. Chrisjenkins)

P.B. Kelii and Chrisjenkins link up for this chilled bravado track titled “Big Dawg”. Over lush textures and a thumping drum groove, the duo reflects on their journey thus far and how having a go-getter mentality goes a long way.




Shawn Mocey x Kelo x TAKE2 – “Gotta (Get It Right)”

Shawn Mocey and Kelo team up with producer TAKE2 for this hard-hitting aspirational track titled “Gotta (Get It Right)”. The rappers deliver fiery raps laced with motivational lyrics that implore listeners to ensure they get it right and not settle for less.



J.M€AZ¥ – “aint no compEtition”


J.M€AZ¥ holds nothing back with his new single “aint no compEtition” which sees him in full bravado mode as he sends darts towards the opposition. The cinematic production sure adds distinct color to his graphic lyrics as well.



Soulful Playground x Moka Only – “Super Normal Regular”


Soulful Playground team up with veteran Canadian emcee Moka Only for this candid reflective tune titled “Super Normal Regular”. Over a solemn and groovy backdrop, Moka Only shows us how the day of a super regular individual goes.



Shawn Mics – “Any Means”

Shawn Mics’ “Any Means” is a heartfelt reflective tune that deals with the lows of being an artist. Far from the glamor and glitz, Shawn gives us the true picture of the artist trying to get his daily bread regardless of the obstacles he has to scale.



Mathematik – “Know”


Canadian emcee Mathematik digs deep into the dynamics of life and what might be in the new single “Know”. Over a classic drumbreak and a J5 sample, he gives listeners a relatable and heartfelt track. “Know” is a new single from Mathematik’s new album No Division Vol. 2.



Mr. SOS – “War Criminal” (feat. Maxamill)


Atlanta emcee Mr. SOS teams up with producer Maxamill for this dark, thought-provoking track titled “War Criminal”. The anti-war track digs deep into the current war going on between Russia and Ukraine. Mr. SOS doesn’t hold back his true thoughts as he aims shots at Putin and his wild antics in Ukraine. Written as a protest record intended to give hope and be a voice for many who are voiceless in this difficult time.

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