FL-based rapper Mr. Peabody is as prolific as ever as he drops the 28 track collaborative effort titled  Little Black Book with Twinsight. The project is heavy with insightful and deep topics ranging from loss, love, personal struggles, and more.

From the jump, listeners know that he is not here to play as he opens up with the somber track “R.I.P” where he reflects on the death of a loved one. He delivers a pained performance ripe with evocative lyrics over a moody backdrop. On “Demons” the duo team up with Notsam and b who all deliver vivid and intense performances over the melancholic backdrop. The dark cinematic textures of “Wartime” come into play with intensity as the rappers come through with rousing vocal performances as they battle the demons plaguing their brains. The duo reflects on their childhood on “Butterfly Effect,” a heartfelt track ripe with moody keys, lush guitar riffs, and fiery lyrics that detail all the things they had to face to become better individuals. Vocalist Kate Clark adds her melodic touch to the somber track “Soul Shoes” which dwells on a harrowing tale of loyalty, love between kinfolks. On “The Spirit” the mood changes a bit with a positive message of hope, other tracks include the moody “How We Get Down” and the closer “Swag.” The latter has a rock and edgy feel with its rousing drum breaks and layered off-kilter backdrop. The rappers raise the ante with a more energetic performance but the dark lyrics are still pronounced.

Overall, Little Black Book is heavy and dense from start to finish with unfiltered lyrics, off-kilter performances, and dark soundscapes.

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