Wilmington, DE raised emcee Mo Nicole caught our ears with her versatile flow and edgy style. With her new EP Butta’s Baby in the works, she thrills us with 3 new cuts “678,” “Not the Same” and “Queenish” which showcases her styles.

The first cut “678” is a heavy upbeat jam that focuses on lyrical fitness, Mo comes through with the verbal punches and goes straight for the jugular. Lyrics like “I make them spell my name, ain’t no need for no boloney/You on your high horse, I put my knees up on your pony” she lets the opposition know that she is not one to play with.

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The second cut on deck is titled “Not the Same”  and this has a mellow, reflective mood. The production is lush with its keys, boomy bassline, and punchy drums to match Mo’s powerful introductory lyrics and passionate flow. The track sees her in her element as she details what makes her different from everyone else.

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The third song is aptly titled “Queenish” and showcases Mo Nicole’s fiery style and insightful lyrics that blend bravado and personal elements. Once again, she proves she can hold her hand and easily carry the heavy-hitting track with vivid lyrics like “Yeah I’m the cream of the crop so they get cropped out my pictures/I click straight to the chase I run that race with the scissors
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