I didn’t see this one coming but I’m glad its about to go down. Yes, Method Man a.k.a Johnny Blaze a.k.a Iron Lung is back and the project, The Meth Lab, is about to take over the scenes. Tical himself takes no prisoners on this track and he literally brought the Wu back with the chef a.k.a Raekwon and The Rebel INS a.k.a Inspectah Deck to fight the power. The track is called The Purple Tape, which die-hard Wu-Tang Clan fans only will get the intended pun here. And just so you know, Meth’s Son, Raekwon, is also the track. Pay attention and you might find out on what part. This album is available to pre-order on all digital stores so you know what to do if you been waiting on that Wu sound.

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